Fox prof. gets top honor for research

Anthony Di Benedetto found a passion in research and was recently honored for his work.

The Fox School of Business’ newest facility, Alter Hall, isn’t the school’s only attraction garnering worldwide recognition.

Anthony Di Benedetto, professor of marketing, recently achieved his own accomplishments on a global scale.

Anthony Di Benedetto has written numerous best-selling books in addition to teaching at Temple (Paul Klein/TTN).

A study to find the most prolific journal writers in the area of technology and innovation management recently showed Di Benedetto as one of the top researches in his field worldwide.

“When I was out working with my MBA, I was not satisfied with the work that I was doing. One day, I was sitting at home, and I began to question what I wanted to do with my career, and it dawned on me,” Di Benedetto said. “I decided then and there that I would go back to school and do my doctoral study. The people I began working with were top researchers.”

Di Benedetto has many other accomplishments in his research and academic studies within Temple. He teaches product management for MBA candidates, international marketing for undergraduates and executive MBA marketing class. He specializes in marketing, international business and product management and is the co-author of a leading textbook.

Previously, Di Benedetto was Temple Rome’s director of international business.

“Temple has treated me well. I’m very content with what I’ve built here. I hope to continue to contribute to the doctoral program here. I do plan to stay here at Temple because they have offered me a lot of opportunities,” Di Benedetto said.

“I hired Tony when I became chair of the department,” said Rajan Chandran, vice dean and professor of marketing. “He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and one of the hardest workers you could ever find. He’s a super teacher and was named one of the greatest teachers in the university. His name is inscribed on the wall [in Founder’s Garden].”

Di Benedetto is also involved with new product management, development and international marketing strategies research globally. He has been in his field for more than 15 years.

“He’s a very prolific author. He has written the bestselling book in the field of product and innovation management. He has been doing a magnificent job with the book,” Chandran said. “Because of his tremendous research in product management he was asked to become editor in chief of the Journal of Product Innovation Management. He did so well that he was recently given another term.”

“Dr. Benedetto has won several awards on his research in new product management through several national and international organizations,” said Richard Lancioni, a colleague of Di Benedetto and chair of the marketing department. “He continues to do research in that area, and he works with doctoral students in the program to help them do their research and dissertations. He’s a very good colleague and works well with students and other professors in the department.”

In December 2008, Di Benedetto was invited, along with 15 other researchers, to a prestigious conference in Wales. He said he has achieved many of his goals and plans to continue his research and travel the globe.

“I reached the career goals that I set for myself. I would like to teach more international programs,” he said. “I always feel that there’s an opportunity to keep growing. I’m always looking for more teaching and researching opportunities.”

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