Frain keeping information close to the vest

Coach won’t reveal much about upcoming recruits and vacant captain position

Newly appointed ice hockey head coach Ryan Frain openly admits that he’s a secretive kind of guy.

“I’m sure that it probably makes your job a lot tougher,” Frain said.

Frain has kept quiet this offseason about both this year’s recruiting class and who will be named the Owls’ captain; last year’s captain, Jordan Lawrence, has graduated. However, the young coach recently gave some information about this season’s mysterious new recruits.

Frain did not specify the number of new players that join the team in September. He said a pair of new forwards will be transferring to Temple in time for this semester, but did not give their names, just that one is transferring from Widener University.


Frain admitted he hasn’t actually seen the player play in a game firsthand, but has seen the player at open practices during this offseason.

“He contacted us and let us know that he was transferring to Temple,” Frain said. “I’ve been really impressed with his awareness on the ice. He’s a very smart player and in some of the drills that we have been doing, he drives to the net after every shot, he works hard to crash the rebounds and everything like that.”

The other transfer forward is moving from a local community college which Frain declined to specify. According to Frain, he will also have a good impact this year’s team.

As for the team’s vacant captain position, a captain will likely not be named for this year before the start of the season. Lawrence had held the title for three years before graduating.

“[Lawrence] was an amazing leader,” senior goaltender Chris Mullen said. “Not always the biggest talker, but said what needed to be said, nothing more. He led mostly by example. He could play any position, defense or offense. He kept the team going, always hitting and blocking shots and always ready and in position.”

“I’ll never forget, [Lawrence] had a bruised or broken rib and he was still diving in front of shots,” Mullen added. “He always made you want to play for your team, and made everyone feel welcome the moment you made the team. I know it’s overused, but I would honestly follow him to battle any day any time. I can’t say enough good things.”

Frain said he has two frontrunners in mind for who will fill Lawrence’s shoes, but unsurprisingly declined to name who they are, except that they are both forwards.

Although the Owls’ schedule has not yet been released, the regular season is expected to begin by mid-September. With the beginning of the season, the answer to some of Frain’s secrets will come.

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