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Last year, it was Heath Ledger’s “Joker” character. This year, The Temple News has surveyed students and made our own predictions on what everyone will be wearing Oct. 31.

Last year, it was Heath Ledger’s “Joker” character. This year, The Temple News has surveyed students and made our own predictions on what everyone will be wearing Oct. 31.

In need of a costume, but have no time to shop?

Students are either franticly running around to find a costume that is going to be hot or one that’s going to cheap.

THO NGUYEN TTN You can find Frankenstein and other scary costumes at Masquerade and Halloween Adventures, located at 1100 Delaware Ave.

The good news is The Temple News has surveyed students and predicted what we think will be the best costumes of 2009 and ways to put the costume together – without selling your mom’s pumpkin pies just to afford it. The bad news is probably a third of Temple students will be wearing the same costume as you.

Best Singer Costume
Lady GaGa

With an overwhelming number of votes, Lady Gaga is the winner of Best Singer Costume, with Britney Spears, Beyonce and Kanye West coming in close behind. It’s no surprise this pop artist has won due to her rise fame and range of shocking outfits in the last year. Lady GaGa’s wardrobe, which most recently shocked audiences at the MTV Video Music Awards, has made a statement in her music videos and public appearances.

Ensemble – Lightning bolt on face, heavy black eyeliner, fake eyelashes, pink lipstick, over-sized sunglasses, long straight blonde wig, leotard, wide-belt, long satin gloves, fishnet stockings, high-heels. Don’t forget your poker face.

Best Actress Costume
Sarah Jessica Parker

Up against stars Megan Fox and Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfits are trendy, original and, not to mention, versatile: A Sarah Jessica Parker costume can be casual or business formal.

Ensemble – Mole on chin, light makeup, jewelry, over-sized purse, beret, long brown curly wig, vintage dress, a cigarette, studded belt. Manolo pumps are mandatory.

Best Fashion Icon Costume
Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe

This one came as a tie between Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe, both of whom could possibly be two of the most celebrated celebrities of all time. After Jackson’s death, newspapers wrote story after story about him and his family. Impersonators dressed up and moonwalked on the streets of populated cities.

Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, was known for her Hollywood glamour. Many celebrities today, including Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera, still idolize her style and look.

Ensembles – Michael Jackson – Black fedora, black wig, white gloves, bow tie, white dress shirt, black suit jacket and dress pants, dress shoes.

Marilyn Monroe – Short blonde wavy wig, black eyeliner and thick mascara, red lipstick, white dress, sparkly high-heels.

Best Scary Costume

What’s scarier than a vampire, werewolf and skeleton? Apparently a zombie. Sorry Edward Cullen, you attract more people than you scare. Zombies are the classic scary costume because if you look dead, you’re considered a zombie.

Ensemble – White face paint, black eyes, red blood-like paint on face and body, fake teeth, frizzy hair, any dirty ripped clothing, hunting boots.

Best Decade Costume

All the way from the 1920s, flappers are the most popular decade costume of the 21st century. Now that the Pocahontas-like headbands has become a trend so have the flapper costumes. Flappers are divas, which mean a lot of accessories are a must.

Ensemble – Sparkly headband with feather, feather boa, satin gloves, pearl necklace, fringe dress, stockings, high-heels.

Best Traditional Costume

The witch costume is the best traditional costume simply because witches are the symbol of Halloween. Most people, who love Halloween for the holiday and not for the dress-up part, wear a witch costume. Students be aware this costume needs to be purchased.

Ensemble – Wart on nose, pointy hat, green painted face, black dress with cape, striped stockings, long boots, broom stick.

Best Career Costume
French Maid

French maids don’t have the best job, but they have the best career costume. Looks can vary from conservative to revealing. Even though the colors are simply black and white, the style of the costume can be different. This costume, like the witch, may have to be purchased.

Ensemble – Black velvet choker, headband, white lace gloves, black dress with full skirt, white apron, lace garter, ruffle shorts, feather duster, fishnet stockings, high heels.

Best Superhero Costume

Judging from the popularity of the movie The Dark Night, Batman is the winner of the Best Superhero Costume, up against Spider-Man and Superman. To complete the mysterious look, this costume must be purchased. You can’t go cheap if you’re trying to pull off Christian Bale.

Ensemble – Muscle chest jumpsuit with batman logo, boot tops, headpiece, cape, belt.

Best Sports Costume

That’s right, not an Eagles player or Phillies player because their memorabilia are worn almost every day during the seasons. Girls want to be them, and boys want to see them.

Ensemble – Large bow, hair in ponytail or pigtails, sparkly eye shadow, lots of makeup, tight fitted T-shirt or belly shirt, mini skirt, high-rise socks, sneakers, pom-poms.

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