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Like it or not classes are here with a punch as hard as the winter’s cold. Just like New Year’s resolutions, good intentions and high expectations for classes tend to fade. Here are a few

Like it or not classes are here with a punch as hard as the winter’s cold. Just like New Year’s resolutions, good intentions and high expectations for classes tend to fade. Here are a few pointers to keep you on top of your game and to make this semester better than the last.

Senior David Baron, a psychology major, finds that “having confidence” works. “Don’t ever pull all-nighters,” he said. “The quality of work diminishes; if you have to, get up early the morning of because your body gives you a shot of adrenaline…your mind can think so much faster.”

Baron also suggested using contacts to your advantage for networking, “whether they are friends or professors.”

Freshman Jessica Keller, a psychology major, likes to get help from other classmates when she’s stumped. She also has a method when preparing for long study sessions. “I just drink lots and lots of coffee,” Keller said.

Freshman Scott Rutter has a method to staying focused. “I like to watch TV and listen to the radio while studying, because when it’s dead silent my mind starts to wander,” Rutter said.

If these students’ approaches aren’t enough, utilize Temple’s resources and services to help boost your chances for a successful semester.

Temple’s Writing Center on the second floor of Tuttleman, Room 201, is a great resource providing tutoring, computer labs, reference materials and quiet study space for individuals and groups. They welcome drop-ins and appointments and can be reached at (215) 204-0702.

For your mental health Tuttleman Counseling Services offers psychological, alcohol, substance abuse and sexual assault counseling as just a few of its services. Counseling Services is located in the lower level of Sullivan Hall. You can also visit its Web site,, for details of all its services.

If you’re going to get the most out of your classes you have to actually get there. For those students living off campus and those students new to the city, it’s important to know SEPTA’s schedule. This can mean the difference between arriving late and not missing that pop quiz given the first 10 minutes of class. Visit for a complete public transit schedule.

Buying books can be a frustrating ordeal. Running between Zavelles and Temple’s bookstore, not to mention checking which books you can snag off of, can leave you breathless. Temple’s new student-developed Web site,, offers great deals on books, one Temple student to another.

If you buy your books from Zavelle Bookstore or from Temple it helps to know their return policies just in case you end up dropping a class.

Zavelle Bookstore gives full refunds for books within two weeks if they are returned in the condition which they were sold. Books must still have on plastic wrapper if it came that way, according to Alberto Peguero of Zavelle Bookstore.

Temple’s bookstore in the Student Center gives full refunds within the first week of class. After the first week of class, a full refund will be given within two days of purchase, as outlined on the back of their receipts. In both cases the book must be in any original wrapping if applicable to receive full refund.

While nothing can replace hardcore studying, keeping your body up to par is also important. Temple’s IBC student recreation center provides a variety of group exercise classes, in addition to their aerobic and weightlifting equipment.

Exercise has the ability to control stress, boost self esteem, ward off sickness. It also helps you sleep better at night, according to IBC’s Fitness Coordinator Amanda Lewis. Exercising will keep you healthy, not to mention the obvious benefits of getting your bod ready for spring break.

The American Council on Exercise recommends eating right if you’re going to stay on top of your game. “One key to staying motivated to exercise is to keep the amount of sugar in your blood – and thus, your energy level – stable,” according to the ACE Web site,

The ACE recommends whole grain breads, vegetables and fruits that will help keep your blood sugar level stable. They also recommend staying away from refined carbohydrates like chips and sweets, which can result in weight gain.

Getting sick is never fun and can interfere with school work. Temple’s Student Health Services, located in the lower level of Mitten Hall, recommends washing your hands often, avoiding people with colds when possible and discarding used tissues immediately to help curb sickness.

As Baron said, “having confidence in yourself” is definitely important. A can-do attitude in conjunction with Temple’s resources may just be that added push to make this semester everything last semester was not.

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