GOP = GOD ????

Republicans and conservatives in general often pride themselves on supporting Protestant, and now more so, Catholic values. The two wedge issues they use are abortion and same-sex marriage. Even though the party has been becoming more pro-choice in recent years, and even though many Republicans opposed the marriage amendment, they are still able to convince Catholics and other Christians to vote for them based on those two issues alone.

Even if those two issues are legitimate reasons to vote for Republicans, what about all the other issues out there? The Catholic Church and Jesus himself (according to the Gospels) support more Democratic values than Republican values. Peace, unions and workers rights, helping the poor, forgiving criminals, replacing vengeance with love, healing the sick, preventing war, arms reductions, and gun control, are all things that the Pope, the Church, and Jesus have spoken up for.

Now, I personally believe that the Bible is nothing more than a well-written fairytale, containing some practical wisdom. But those who claim to believe on the Bible, such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Bill O’Reilly, and George W. Bush, should at least take into consideration all of the Bible, and not just pick and choose the excerpts that fit their view of the world.

Scott Schmidt
Public Communication and Political Science


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