Gov. Wolf approves $158.2 million in state funds for Temple

Other state-related universities also received a nearly two-percent increase in state funds.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf approved House Bill 1352 on Friday, which gives Temple a nearly two-percent increase in state funds. 

The university will receive $158.2 million for the coming academic year. The $3.1 million increase to Temple’s state funding is slightly less than last year’s but is closer to previous levels of funding before appropriations were slashed in 2011.

State funding to Temple fell by about 20 percent under former Gov. Tom Corbett in 2011. Before these cuts, Temple received $172 million from the state.

The three other state-related universities — Pennsylvania State, Lincoln, and Pittsburgh — will also receive near two-percent bumps in appropriations next fiscal year.

“We are continually grateful for their support, which helps us provide Pennsylvania’s ambitious students with access to an education that will prepare them for meaningful careers,” said Christopher Vito, a university spokesperson, in a statement to The Temple News.

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