Hart visits TSG

Temple University President Ann Weaver Hart spent the duration of yesterday’s Temple Student Government meeting addressing some burning issues.

“The greatest strength [of Temple] is its students and faculty and staff. No question,” Hart said.

But even a strong faculty and student body has its issues.

“You can never assume that boulders won’t fall in the middle of the road at any given time,” Hart said prior to addressing the key issues students were interested in – campus safety, housing, and transportation.

When addressing the issue of campus safety, Hart noted that Temple is “one of the safest campuses in America.” Students were reminded that Temple contains the third-largest group of police officers in Pennsylvania.

For students concerned about traveling at night, the Owl Loop shuttle service is being improved upon so there will be shorter waiting times, as well as additional stops added to the current route.

To assure family members of the safety Temple offers, Hart recommended that prospective students take the university tour with their parents, where all safety questions are addressed extensively.

Along with their safety, many students appeared to be concerned on the issue of finding adequate housing on, as well as off, campus.

Hart said Temple is looking to form a partnership with an off-campus apartment complex in order to provide students with more housing. She said the university is also in the process of negotiating with SEPTA to possibly add more stops to various areas around the city, so that off-campus students will have a smoother ride.

An issue raised by on-campus students was the lack of a grocery store on campus. Hart confirmed that a grocery store is being built near the Citizens Bank in Progress Plaza on 1501 N. Broad St. She said the university will attempt to build a close relationship with the store so that students are able to use Diamond Dollars for purchases.

“We are committed in trying to create the kind of physical environment you desire in order to be successful,” she said..

Kylee Messner can be reached at kylee.messner@temple.edu.

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