How it feels to be loved

For Valentine’s Day, students share how love feels to them.


Dear Hai,

This is my third letter to you; the first one was a poem and the second was a birthday note.

I can’t believe we are actually making this classic habit of exchanging love letters happen! I remember the first time you put one outside my door — your childish handwriting and funny emojis still make me laugh. 

Although five months is not that long compared to some relationships, the feeling of love can never be measured with time.

I met Hai when I moved to a new neighborhood last year. He was holding a back-to-school party and wrote me an invitation letter, asking me to bring my roommates to the party. We all knew that the invitation letter was for me, which made it really cute.  It was also the first time I received a party invitation in writing, not texting! 

I knew it was special. He drew smiling emojis on the note which made me laugh and made me want to get to know him. 

After we started dating, I asked him if we could write love letters to each other on special occasions. He said, ‘No that’s too cheesy,’ but ended up writing me another one on my birthday, anyway. 

Letters have magic. They’re definitely more romantic than text messages. 

I always enjoy opening an envelope and reading his letters line by line, time after time. It’s a precious experience in the 21st century, especially when everything else has become so digital and fast. 

I wish love could be more like those love letters — slowly read and safely kept in little boxes until you want to read it again. This is what love feels like. 

Hai, thank you for showing up in my world and making me feel loved and cared in this foreign country. Thank you for lighting up my world with your cute, silly smiles.

Thank you for sweet meals, stupid jokes, warm cuddles and soft kisses.

Happy first Valentine’s Day! More letters to come. 


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