IBC combo workouts offer benefits

20-20-20 and 30-30 sessions at the IBC give students the benefits of two styles of full-body cardio and toning-focused exercises.

No matter how you break it down, 20-20-20 and 30-30 offer full-body cardio and toning exercises.
These combination-group fitness classes, which are currently offered five times a week, break an hour into segments of aerobics and toning that provide a full-body cardio and strength-building workout.

The 30-30 sessions combine 30 minutes of high- and low-impact aerobics with 30 minutes of full-body toning. The 20-20-20 sessions also break an hour into segments of high- and low-impact aerobics and full-body toning, while adding step aerobics to the workout.

Leaders of the classes agree that these sessions are beneficial because in one hour, participants are able to take part in both cardio and strength-building exercises.

“Cardio exercise is great for a number of things such as weight loss, reduced stress, stronger heart and many other things,” said Jenna Page, 30-30 leader. “Combining cardio with toning provides a full-body workout, not leaving any muscle group out.”

“You’re losing weight and gaining strength,” said Albrina Alston, a 20-20-20 fitness leader.

As with most group fitness programs at the IBC Student Recreation Center, these combination sessions are set to upbeat music and taught by different leaders who bring various personalities and levels of motivation to the sessions.

“I work you hard so you feel it and come back,” Alston said about her methods in leading 20-20-20 sessions.

Because you need at least 25 minutes of cardio, Alston tends to avoid rigid time limitations and instead, blends the exercises together.

In each session, the exercises are repeated. This allows first-time participants to catch on to the aerobic and toning routines.

“Don’t get discouraged, and give it your all,” Alston said. “Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you have to be willing to come in.”

Page also encourages people of different fitness levels to participate.

“The 30-30 provides alterations of more difficult moves and the choice of any size weight,” Page said. “Basically, the participant can form their workout to what fits their needs.”

Page pushes men and women to try the 20-20-20 and 30-30 fitness sessions.

“Most men do not want to try group fitness because the classes are predominantly women,” she said, “or they think they will not get a good workout. Men who have tried the class have not been disappointed.”

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