Improving green efforts

Aramark, Temple’s food service provider, will help the university meet its sustainability goals.

Aramark, Temple’s food service provider, is committed to being 100 percent sustainable by 2020.

Since signing a 15-year contract with the university in May, it’s brought several sustainability initiatives to campus, like Green Thread — a multi-faceted approach developed by the company that focuses on local food sourcing, minimizing waste, efficient operations and transportation management.

The Temple News commends the food service provider for its sustainability efforts. We also recognize the university for its involvement in improving sustainability.

Temple pledged to be a carbon-free university by 2050 last year, and university and Aramark officials meet monthly to discuss sustainability in food services.

The university plans to continue considering Aramark’s role in campus-wide sustainability efforts, Endri Baduni, Aramark’s resident district manager, told The Temple News. When the university revises its Climate Action Plan in June, which guides Temple’s steps to becoming a more sustainable campus, Aramark will be involved, he added.

Aramark is also partnering with Temple Student Government so students can provide feedback about the food service provider, including its sustainability initiative.

It’s a positive thing the food service provider is making itself available to the people it serves, since it will be present on campus for years to come.

We admire the university’s commitment to making Temple more sustainable, and we hope Aramark’s efforts help it make its goals a reality.

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