Incidents in Morgan Hall this week are intolerable

We need to uphold diversity as students, not tarnish it.

Two alleged “bias-related” incidents that occurred in Morgan Hall North this week are being investigated by Temple Police and University Housing and Residential Life.

On Monday, a banana was left on the handle of the only room on that floor occupied by all Black students. A similar incident occurred later this week when another banana was left at a different Morgan Hall North room. If found, the students responsible could face criminal charges or punishment for violating the Student Code of Conduct, according to a university statement released to The Temple News on Friday.

The Temple News denounces any racist and discriminatory actions against members of the university community. We believe that whoever is responsible for these incidents deserves to face the consequences for their actions.

Temple Student Government released a statement in response to the Monday incident. It read, “We must condemn such hateful behavior and in the face of adversity, rise above and continue to educate and support each other.”

TSG also plans to discuss diversity and inclusion — “or lack thereof” — with a forum, according to the statement.

We commend TSG’s response to the incident and hope it helps starts a productive conversation among students about on-campus discrimination. It seems like some of us need a reminder to treat others with respect regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

We also applaud Temple Police and UHRL for taking action on these incidents. We hope these efforts show others that racism is intolerable at Temple.

In a statement, UHRL’s Director Kevin Williams recommended resources to students like the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office, Tuttleman Counseling Services and the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Advocacy and Leadership. The Temple News encourages any student who feels discriminated against to access these services.

Temple is known for its commitment to diversity. As students, it is unacceptable to counter these ideals.

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