Judge orders Cosby to face trial

A trial date has not been set in the case.

Cosby waived his right to appear at the formal arraignment, entering an automatic plea of 'not guilty.' | TTN FILE PHOTO

Andrea Constand’s accusations against Bill Cosby will proceed to trial after a judge ruled prosecutors had enough evidence against the comedian and former Temple trustee, The Inquirer reported.

The decision came after District Judge Elizabeth McHugh heard Constand’s 2005 testimony read by prosecutors. Constand, a former Temple employee, said Cosby sexually assaulted her in his suburban Philadelphia mansion in 2004.

While Cosby’s lawyers protested Constand’s absence from the preliminary hearing, McHugh ruled she did not have to testify at the time, the Associated Press reported.

The 2005 testimony included details that had not been previously released to the public, the AP reported. Constand told police Cosby had given her three blue pills that made her legs weak and made her feel nauseated.

Cosby waived his right to appear at the formal arraignment, automatically entering a plea of not guilty and setting the case to proceed to trial, The Inquirer reported.

A trial date has not been set yet.

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