Keep pushing for funds

Students should reach out to their state representatives until the budget is received.

Temple Student Government has been urging students through Twitter to contact their state representatives to get them to approve the university’s “much-needed” state funding. Temple has not yet received its share of funding for 2017-18.

State funding is not prioritized for Temple, the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University and Lincoln University, because they’re considered non-preferred institutions and cannot be subsidized before other government services.

“In the meantime, Temple has to borrow money, costing millions in accumulated interest, a move that will hinder our overall Temple student cost and experience,” according to TSG’s statement.

The Temple News believes students should speak up by contacting their state representatives, so they understand our urgent need for resources. Students also need to be aware that a lack of funding could mean raises for both in-state and out-of-state tuition.

If our university’s funding is being tied up, it is imperative that Temple students take matters into their own hands and put pressure on representatives. After all, it’s the student body that will be affected in the long run.

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