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Take advantage of the lessons “Think About It” has to offer about college life.

Once a year, the university asks incoming freshmen to complete the online course “Think About It,” which is one of several programs with information to combat sexual assault, dating violence and alcohol and drug abuse.

Last year, Dean of Students Stephanie Ives implemented a transcript hold to encourage more participation in the course. Several students were unable to receive their transcripts until completing it. Some complained.

This year, students said they were not aware of the program or were not reminded to complete it by email or in their orientations. Some said they did not receive the email introducing them to the course.

We recognize the program takes a chunk out of students’ lives, but the material in it is of utmost importance. Though material may appear in classes,  Temple students aren’t required to receive any instruction besides of freshman orientation which mentions sexual misconduct, education on drinking and how to handle social situations.

“Think About It” offers important lessons for students about conducting themselves on and off campus. The program can show students how to be more responsible in their social lives, an imperative part of students’ experiences here.

The university offers similar information taught in the “Think About It” course on the site, Students who have slipped through the cracks and have not completed the “Think About It” program, should recognize that it is in their best interest to seek out this information.

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