Letter: Dear Professor Eli Goldblatt

A student writes a letter to an English professor, thanking him for inspiring her.

Dear Professor Eli Goldblatt,

The first time I walked in the classroom for English 3020: Writing for Sustainable Change taught by you, Sonia Galiber and Alexander Epstein, I predicted it would be a highlight of my college experience.

It was. 

The first time I heard you speak, I heard the voice that cared deeply about and advocated for communal knowledge, collaborative action and constructive skill-building — especially in spaces where that is not commonly offered and funded. I saw a professor who was passionate about seeing his students succeed and pursue their goals.

Throughout Spring 2018, you continuously offered resources to me and other students in our classroom. I am so appreciative of your thoughtfulness and investment in us. 

Your rawness — both in how you express your worldviews and in how you define sustainable changes — reminds me why I love being alive on this Earth. It is because of people like you. 

Thank you for gifting words to the thoughts in my mind that I did not know how to express before. Thank you for being an essential part of a classroom that I craved since my freshman year; one that speaks with the inner self and its vivid influences on the work that we do, our values and ethics. Thank you for seeing greatness in me and reminding me of it. Thank you for constantly telling me that clarity in my intentions and goals is important. 

As a graduating senior, I am taking your encouragement with me. It really means a lot. 

Your teachings and this course mean so much to me that I placed all of our past readings in a personal archive. I will always keep the memory of the essential role you played in my college experience.  

Not only did you help me academically, but you reinforced my desires to be grounded in personal truths and communal beliefs. 

You are and have been a phenomenal professor. I wish you all of the best in your well-deserved retirement years. May your life be full of joy, peace, love, longevity, good health and everlasting prosperity. I celebrate you and am honored to have shared a classroom with you. Take good care of yourself. 

Best wishes,

Nagiarry Porcena-Meneus

Senior geography 

and urban studies  major

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