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Dear Editor,


Well Rush Limbaugh, you have certainly done it again. Although this is not the first time your mouth has spewed such hateful language, perhaps it should be the last time you say anything more on your corporate-sponsored program.

Yes, that’s right – it is time for you to resign or be put out to pasture.

You didn’t “apologize” for your remarks about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke until after it became apparent that your political torpedo missed its target completely and headed back to where it came from. Once you realized that your paycheck might be affected – as if you don’t have enough money – you conveniently switched on the damage control to avoid further embarrassment and save your own miserable self. This time however it has failed miserably and people from all sides of the aisle demand you leave before making any more despicable comments.

Some could argue that the words “slut” and “prostitute” could just as easily be leveled at you.  After all, don’t you “earn” money by performing a certain “service?” It never fails to amaze me that our capitalist system has allowed someone like yourself to become very wealthy by just ranting all day against anything contrary to your personal views. I write this because it is evident you do not represent the views of republicans, conservatives and evangelicals nor do you really believe in the venom you spit out at democrats, liberals and reformers. Your show is all about you and to hell with everybody else.  Limbaugh, you obviously don’t understand any of this nor do you care to so long as the money keeps pouring in. Do us all a favor and resign and then go out and try to find your true life’s work.



Joe Bialek



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  1. It’s funny how you will condemn Limbaugh but I see no mention of Maher or Olberman who have said equally if not more offensive things. It’s one thing to criticize Limbaugh for his words but if you are going to do so, realize that it occurs on both sides. The least you can do is be unbiased in your criticism. Limbaugh may have called Fluke a “slut” but many would argue that it doesn’t compare to Maher’s reference to Gov. Palin as a certain 4 letter word that starts with the letter C, which I shall refrain from using.

    The simple fact is that Maher and Olberman profit just as much if not more so than Limbaugh. Let’s hear some outcry about the outspoken left.

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