Lindsay Kimmel leaving the Owls

TTN has learned the sophomore guard may be headed to the Main Line just a week after the women’s basketball team’s season came to an end.

A source close to the women’s basketball team has told The Temple News that sophomore guard Lindsay Kimmel may be transferring to Villanova.

The source claimed “internal issues” were a key reason for Kimmel’s decision to leave Temple.

“Temple released her, and we received the release,” Villanova coach Harry Parretta said.

A Temple Athletics official confirmed the news but didn’t confirm that Kimmel is going to Villanova.

Another source close to the situation added that Kimmel’s transfer to Villanova is not set in stone, as Binghamton and Hartford also inquired about her. However, she is said to be considering up to five schools in the surrounding area. The source suggested Drexel might be a fit because of the Dragons’ use of the 3-point shot.

Calls made to coach Tonya Cardoza went straight to voicemail.

The 6-foot guard was a 3-point specialist. She averaged 5.3 points per game this season. Kimmel played in all 31 contests and started 17 of them, averaging 17.0 minutes per game. She shot 33.6 percent from beyond the arc this year, the first under Cardoza.

Her playing time decreased as the season went on, as she lost her starting spot and began coming off the bench.

Kimmel was recruited out of Binghamton, N.Y., by former coach Dawn Staley, who left last year to coach at South Carolina.

Todd Orodenker can be reached at Assistant Sports Editor Anthony Stipa and Jennifer Reardon contributed to this report.


  1. how can she be a 3 point specialist if she only averaged 5.3 points per game? that’s not even 2 three pointers a game. hardly specialist material if you ask me.

    todd’s too good for this. he should be in clearwater covering the phillies.

  2. Consider a “specialist” that in one game played something like 3 or 4 minutes, was the teams high-scorer AND the only one in double digits.
    Temple could have had a GREAT year vs a GOOD one if they’d kept Dawn.

  3. Lindsay, you were the hotest woman’s basketball player to play at Temple…you will be missed…my guess is others on the team were jealous that you were getting all the looks, and not just of the open shot variety…thanks Tanya, jealous much??!!

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