Live in Philly: Bouquet Presentation at Dilworth Park


Floral stylist Shawn Alexander Graham led a demonstration on how to craft Valentine’s Day floral bouquets on Saturday in the Rothman Institute Cabin at Dilworth Park. Graham created four designs using local flowers and inexpensive decorations.

“I’ve always found how different colored roses signify different meanings interesting,” Graham said. “Pink signifies affection and I always create a pink bouquet for my daughter this time of year.”

Viewers could also enter a raffle for a chance to win a flower arrangement made during the demonstration. Attendees gathered to watch and ask Graham questions about how to properly care for their flowers.

Graham said the most important aspect to having flowers live longer and bloom fuller is to cut the stems on an angle. This allows for the flowers to soak up the water easier and not lay flat against the surface of the vase. Another tip was to cut the green leaves off the stems to allow the water to travel to the flower and not the leaves. There will be events on Valentine’s Day at Dilworth Park in honor of the departure of the LOVE sculpture, which is being sent off for repairs, the Inquirer reported Friday.

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