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A few issues ago, we discussed tips for clothes and hygiene on the go. But for some people, it’s all about the glamour. So if you really want to look fresh and awake, or you

A few issues ago, we discussed tips for clothes and hygiene on the go. But for some people, it’s all about the glamour.

So if you really want to look fresh and awake, or you just don’t like to leave the house looking undone, makeup is key.

Most people think of makeup as something that takes a long time and has to be carefully applied, but the beauty industry of today’s world understands that women are often on the go, and some products have been created to work with busy schedules.

Joe Moran, a makeup artist at Philip Pelusi Salon, located in West Mifflin, Pa., said to start with a loose powder the same shade as your skin and apply all over.

This is a quick fix to even out your skin tone and hide minor flaws. He also suggests dusting a bit of bronzer on to look more awake, a look that “never goes out of season.”

Applying a concealer or highlighter under the eyes helps mask tired dark circles and brighten up eyes.

Moran said the trick is finding a color that is a half shade lighter than your natural skin tone or the tone of your foundation in order to create a fresh, awake look.

“The shade of your concealer is the key,” Moran said.

“A lot of people try to use something too dark, and when it doesn’t cover properly, they get fed up with it and quit using it.”

He recommends trying Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer ($5) or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick ($7).

For those who don’t like the feeling of heavy foundation or just simply haven’t got the time to apply it, try a tinted moisturizer. This moisturizes your skin to combat signs of stress while still giving
it a healthy glow.

“Plain eyes and a more natural look is in right now,” Moran said. Use a quick wash of light color over your eyelids, a bit of black eyeliner on the top lash line and a few swipes of mascara to wake up the eyes.

Stick to lighter, more natural-looking eye-shadows like pinks, beiges, or nudes, such as NARS “All About Eve” duo eye-shadow.

Just can’t seem to get rid of those dark circles?

Go for the quick and ever-popular smoky look. To create this look, Moran said to “use a dark eye liner, draw a line on the top and bottom lids and smudge.”

Tinted lip balms – especially those with pinkish tones – tend to make you look more awake as well.

They’re also more practical than lipstick while on the run, since no mirror is necessary to apply and they help moisturize. Also recommended is light pink or clear lip gloss.

Brittany Kelly, a sophomore criminal justice major, said that after taking care of her eye makeup, she “just grab[s] … lip gloss on the way out the door and it’s good to go.”

Products that have multiple uses are also great for when you’re on the go.

A lot of cosmetics companies are now making products that enable you to skip a step in your beauty regimen, but still look as though you’ve spent the extra time getting ready.

Try cream-to-powder foundation such as Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact ($13) or Max Factor Silk Perfection Liquid
to Powder Makeup ($7).

Also helpful is multi-use cheek-and-eye or cheek-and-lip products like Smashbox “Transparencies” ($18) or Neutrogena Shimmer Sheers ($9).

One color can work for several different areas and can be applied on the way to class, without having to carry around a lot of different products.

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