March 27: The Future of IH

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In mid-February IH department director Heath Fogg Davis sent an email informing IH adjunct professors that fewer class sections will be available for adjunct faculty to teach. Recently another IH administrator wrote that all adjuncts who want to teach are being offered classes in the Fall semester. News Editor Sidney Rochnik talks about the job security of adjunct faculty in Temple’s Intellectual Heritage department and what they have done to advocate for themselves.

The basketball season has come to an end with historic results from both the men’s and women’s sides. The men’s side defeated UTSA, SMU, Charlotte, and FAU in four days, securing the most wins in a single AAC tournament. The women’s side earned a regular season conference title with the most wins from the Owls since 2017. Sports Editor Declan Landis grades both of the teams seasons and gives insight into what to expect for the future.

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