Marketplace promotes women business owners

The Bourse held a market to celebrate the International Women’s Day on Saturday.


On Saturday, the day before International Women’s Day, The Bourse on Fourth Street near Market held the International Women’s Day Market from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and featured more than 20 women-owned businesses selling art, food and beauty products. Performers like Essie Riddle and Sahara Moon sang for hundreds of guests who ate and walked around the market throughout the day.

Renee Wadsworth, 30, a color consultant from Roxborough, sold Find Your Motives’ custom cosmetics for women.

“I love working with people,” Wadsworth said. “I’m a very creative individual, and I am a problem-solver. It’s a big challenge to be able to perfect something to each individual’s skin tone.”

Zen Samad, 32, who lives in West Philadelphia, is the CEO and founder of Fason De Viv, an online marketplace for independent brands selling women’s apparel and other lifestyle products.

“As a buyer, I look for dope brands and bring them to our marketplace,” Samad said. “What got me started was picking out cool stuff and I was like, ‘Why not take my hobby and turn it into a business?’”

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