New $199 million apartment complex breaks ground

The View II will house a community space for residents.

Construction has started between Montgomery and Cecil B. Moore avenues for the View II. Students can pre-lease rooms next September. | COURTESY / The Goldenberg Group

Construction of the View II, a $199 million project by the owners of the View at Montgomery, began last week.

The student apartment building will be built on 12th Street between Montgomery and Cecil B. Moore avenues and is expected to be completed in Summer 2019.

The View II is an addition to the View at Montgomery and will have 984 available beds, retail space and amenities for residents like a fitness center, study lounges and a “sky lounge” on the top floor of the building.

There will also be a “community space” on the 11th Street side of the building that will be dedicated to community functions, which could include programming for senior citizens or an early childhood and pre-K facility, said Kevin Trapper, the senior vice president and development director for the Goldenberg Group, which is the developer and owner of the property.

The exact use of the space has not yet been determined.

“We are not thinking that it is [for] pure student use,” Trapper said. “We’re just trying to work through what is the best thing for the community overall because again, you do have varying demographics throughout the community.”

In September 2018, students can begin pre-leasing rooms in the View II for a 12-month period. The cost to rent these rooms will be “similar” to the rent in the View at Montgomery, but an official price has not yet been determined, Trapper said.

According to the View at Montgomery’s website, the current rate for a four-bedroom apartment rent ranges from $1,009 to $1,059 per month.

Leonard Johnson, 70, has lived on Oxford Street near 13th since the 1960s. He said he sees the new apartment complex as an improvement to his neighborhood.

Johnson said he had not heard about the community space in the new building and he hopes his neighbors know about it.

Roger James, a 72-year-old man who lives on Newport Place near Cecil B. Moore Avenue, said the new apartment building will cause more problems with parking in the area next to the apartment complex.

“That is the main problem in the community,” James said. “[Students] park everywhere. They want to get free parking, so they park on our streets and in our cul-de-sacs.”

The View II will offer 94 parking spots for residents to use for a fee.

“Temple is taking over the whole neighborhood,” he added. “That’s the concern. They’re building apartment complexes all around here, but nothing for the community. There are no services for us.”

James said he has not heard about the proposed community space and because many senior citizens live in the neighborhood and “don’t have a lot to do,” he said that a space for senior citizens would be beneficial.

“It’s a good idea,” he added. “It should be brought to the table.”

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