New app aims to organize intramural events

REC*IT operates on about 870 other schools’ campuses.

A new mobile app that attempts to make it easier for students to organize intramural fitness events was released a month ago and has been circulating around Temple’s campus.

The app is called REC*IT College by MOKO Social Media. David Oestreicher, president of REC*IT, said the app will help “establish community and connectivity” for students who participate in some form of intramural sport or fitness at least once a week.

“It’s a tremendous tool for students,” Oestreicher said.

Oestreicher said varsity athletics are typically well-funded while intramural sports are unfunded.

“The lack of funding has led to a lack of innovation and technological advances,” Oestreicher said.

Oestreicher said that by creating the app, his company is “investing in [students] and in their rec sports program.”

MOKO hopes its vision for REC*IT will be received well by students across campus. Oestreicher said the app is designed for students who want to “stay active and stay competitive.”

“Our model and our market is the non-varsity athletes,” Oestreicher said.

The app, which is now available for free to all Temple students, delivers information about intramural activities to students’ phones including weather cancellations, scores, announcements and news.

“It’s much easier to receive and digest [information] on the go,” Oestreicher said.

Freshman advertising major Patrick Dallas said using the app was much easier than rifling through emails. “Going on your email is pretty tedious and it’s kind of a pain to relay messages to the rest of your team,” he said.

“If everyone else had the app that’d be a lot more helpful,” Dallas said.

Daniel Bunker, an undecided freshman in the Fox School of Business, said the app “seems like an interesting concept with having all the information all together.”

“It’s nice to have it all in one place instead of having to go online and check your email,” Bunker said.

Jonathan Bowdler, an undecided freshman who recently downloaded the app after joining an intramural soccer team at Temple, found it “very convenient to look at your schedule and have everything all in one place.”

Oestreicher said around 870 schools adopted the app and endorse it, and “it’s live on all these campuses, including Temple.”

“We’ll continue to expand the community environment and the social environment of REC*IT as we launch new releases in the coming months, and especially as we plan for REC*IT 2.0 next semester in the spring,” Oestreicher said.

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