News has become increasingly available

Immacula Jean-Felix, a resident of North Philadelphia higlights the many news sources she refers to for her daily dose of news.

As technology constantly evolves, so does the way news is shared, and with Facebook apps like the Washington Post Social Reader and Internet news access to online papers, staying well informed is becoming easier – and free.

“I stay well informed on current issues usually by listening to the news on the radio during my commute to work and by watching the morning and evening news,” said Immacula Jean-Felix, a North Philadelphian resident. “I feel like everyone should be familiar with current events and stay up to date with what is happening in the world.”

Anchors including Anderson Cooper and Chris Matthews, along with influential politicians like Sen. Chris Dodd, and even President Obama have embraced Twitter to reach an audience, which relies heavily on online news.

“I sometimes find myself checking the news from my iPhone, when a TV or radio is not nearby,” Jean-Felix said.

However, various news broadcasting stations and national papers have gained reputations for possessing political bias’ toward certain issues, conveying stories often time from a left or right wing standpoint. This occurs predominately on major networks including MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and ABC, but the list goes on and on. Often times however, viewers choose to tune into these perceived bias networks, because it corresponds with their own political viewpoints.

“I consider myself a democrat, but I feel some of the news stations I listen to are fairly biased, favoring my own political viewpoints, but that is usually expected,” Jean-Felix said.

Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way news is shared, but competition among news organizations have led to the decline of those that cannot compete in the changing market.

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  1. Not sure about the point of this article. Is Immacula Jean being used as a demonstrative archetype in terms of where the average student gets his/her news on any given day? Surely there must be some more interesting angle.

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