Nurses picket at Temple Hospital

This morning members of the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals picketed outside of the Temple University Hospital. As of 7 a.m. today, the union nurses and employees represented by PASNAP went on strike.
TUH wrote in the statement released today, “Temple University Hospital remains open and fully operational. The Hospital has implemented its Continuing Operations Plan to ensure the delivery of uninterrupted care to all its patients. As part of that plan, Temple’s 400 physicians are continuing to direct patient care assisted by the 3,000 other Hospital employees who are not members of PASNAP, as well as fully qualified, licensed and credentialed temporary nurses and allied-health professionals who are replacing striking employees.”
Maureen May, registered nurse and president of the nurses union at Temple, has called TUH’s final offer unreasonable, and PASNAP asserts TUH has practiced bad faith bargaining and implemented policies and practices that are a danger to patients.
TUH invited striking employees to return to work, subject to the terms set forth in its final offer.
While there is no way of predicting how long the strike will last, based on the length of other hospital strikes, PASNAP has told its members to prepare to be on strike for several weeks.
Both TUH and the union said they are committed to negotiating in good faith, and have the best interests of the patients in mind.
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  1. Yeah yeah yeah fully qualified??? What’s this I’m hearing that these scabs who replaced us nurses don’t even know how to insert an IV line or Draw labs??? This is from a reliable sources.

  2. And here’s another thing nurses walked out and gave report to the administration before 7am. And these scabs didn’t have any patient assignment till what 10am. Wow where’s the continuity of care. Good thing jahco and doh where not there

  3. As a nurse I think its crazy how they are leaving phone messages saying they will pay me up to 7500 per week to replace the nurses that are on strike, when they want to take so many benefits away from the staff who are there. It’s a pure disgrace!We as nurses dont get the respect that we deserve. We are patient advocates and are at the bedside but get treated like we are stupid and uneducated!Ridiculous

  4. Caring RN thanks for the support.
    I was on the picket line early this am and saw these scabs as they where brought to the hospital by 5 big buses and night shift left to go back to their fancy hotel where they stay. Shame on all of them!!! As we are right Temple is not prepared at all. They shut down the ED and diverted their patients to other hospital. Temple is really in distress now.

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