Oasis: World Water Day

Temple Dance Students celebrate their fifth World Water Day, Oasis.

Rachel Repinz (left), a first-year dance master's student, performs with freshman dance major Tiana Sanders (right) in “Shabach,” a choreography by second-year dance master's student Enya-Kalia Jordan, at Conwell Hall on Friday. | MATT ALTEA / THE TEMPLE NEWS

The Boyer College of Music and Dance hosted The Oasis: World Water Day Symposium on Friday to celebrate the United Nations’ annual World Water Day.  

This year’s theme was “Leaving no one behind.” The three-part symposium included Whirl, a dance workshop with Camara Arts; Wavelength, a panel discussion led by environmental studies professor Fletcher Chmara-Huff and Water Works, a dance performance held at the Conwell Dance Theater.

“[The event] is just a great way to bring together artists, scientists, and activists to talk about important issues,” Chmara-Huff said. “Working on an event like this is a face to find joy in tackling these issues.”  

World Water Day was created by the UN in 1993 to raise awareness of water issues around the world including climate change, pollution and protection of large bodies of water.

The performances looked at how water is celebrated culturally, each with the goal of showing how water should be seen as a resource instead of an intrinsic right. Each number featured a mix of professors and students in individual and group performances that made use of props and flowing costumes which mimicked the movement of water.

Senior environmental studies major Bellamy Ritterson found the last performance of the day-long symposium particularly striking, adding that the overall effect moved him to tears.

“I can’t name an organism on earth that can’t live without water,” Ritterson added.

Sophomore dance major Tiana Sanders, who performed in the final number “Shabach,” said she liked the upbeat tone of the choreography.

“We don’t have to be sad in order to make change,” Sanders said. “We can just come together as a community, as a world…a global community and make things better for our future generations.”  

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