One wish ‘Before I Graduate’

Temple students have the opportunity to make one wish come true before graduation.

TUTV and PRowl Public Relations are hosting their third annual “Before I Graduate” contest, through which Temple students of all ages have the chance to enter one wish they want granted before they graduate.

Students can enter the contest between March 9-13, either by stopping by the Bell Tower on March 11 and physically submitting a wish into a graduation cap, or by tweeting a wish at @templetv with the hashtag “#TUTVbig.” At the end of the week, one student will be chosen to have their wish granted – which will be filmed for a TUTV segment.

“This year, to plan the event we focused on the best way to reach Temple students,” said Emily Charles, a junior strategic communications major. Charles is an account executive with PRowl this year, with TUTV as one of her clients.

The contest started three years ago when PRowl and TUTV teamed up to create the event to promote TUTV and to benefit students.

“The first year they did the competition the winner wanted to be Hooter the Owl for a day,” Charles said. “They even got to run out on the court during a game and TUTV filmed the whole thing.”

“Some other interesting wishes were to have lunch with President Theobald or bake a giant cake with Baker Dave, and one of the most popular wishes is to try all the food trucks on campus,” she added.

“Each year more and more students have participated and the contest has become pretty well-known,” said Nicole Beck, a senior strategic communications major and a staff member for PRowl.

Beck said she enjoys hosting the event because it gives every student a chance to accomplish something they never thought possible.

“I love when students submit creative and quirky ideas,” Beck said. “The enthusiasm of the students when they win the contest is very rewarding for TUTV. We love making dreams come true.”

Kelly Armstrong, a junior strategic communications major with a focus in public relations and an account member for PRowl, said her organization has campaigned the event a little differently this year.

“We’ve constructed a full campaign that will stretch through the week of the contest, and we’re putting a lot of emphasis on social media,” Armstrong said. “We’re also reaching out to more media organizations this year to spread the word about the campaign.”

Armstrong says the most rewarding part of the event so far has been the collaboration between TUTV and PRowl.

“I think we have a hard-working and motivated team that wants to create a successful and fun event for students,” Armstrong said. “TUTV has been very cooperative and I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to work with.”

“It gives students the opportunity to experience something they wouldn’t have otherwise, and all they have to do is tweet at us or stop by the Bell Tower and their wish could come true,” Charles said. “Students have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

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