Owning up to an error

Last week, we printed a mistake in an editorial. This week, we’re out to correct it.

The editorial which ran in print last Tuesday, March 17, misstated the manner in which former Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley arrived on the Board of Trustees.

We indicated that the board elected Cawley, when he was in fact appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf. Had he been elected, Cawley would have taken the seat of former trustee Bill Cosby, who resigned in December amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

The editorial stated that the trustees should have elected a woman or minority candidate to take the seat formerly occupied by a nonwhite candidate. But since the seat is now open, there is another opportunity. Chairman Patrick O’Connor told the Inquirer last week that the seat will go to a woman.

We’re human, too. We’re not above making a mistake, and we want to own up to it while reminding the Temple community of the lack of diversity that needs to be – and apparently, finally will be – addressed.

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