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QUENTIN WILLIAMS TTN Senior marketing major Katie Fry has been a part of her share of clubs in college but she was caught off guard when the wave surfing business executive, David Williams from Laguna Beach, Calif., invited her to be one of the faces of the longboarding company he started. Fry is no stranger to athletics. She has also been a member of the Temple Cycling Club for three years and foresees no end to her athletic lifestyle in the near future.

The Temple News: Tell me about your involvement on campus.
Katie Fry: I go to school. I’m a member of the cycling team. I was the vice president last year, but I am just a regular member this year because my involvement with Holesom Longboards takes up more of my time. I am also a member of American Marketing Association as part of the fundraising committee. I don’t really have that much time to do as much with that committee as I would like to anymore since I am [busier], but I still go to their different events like the Phillies games and stuff.

TTN: How did you get into longboarding with Holesom Longboards?
KF: David Williams, the founder of Holesom boards contacted me through Facebook. The culture is really Internet-based, and they wanted someone to represent them here in Philly. The company has is big on the Internet. The longboard culture in general is really Internet-based. They plan to have a lot of YouTube videos on lessons on how to do tricks.

TTN: Did you know the guy before he asked you to join it?
KF: Yeah, through Facebook actually. I never really met him in person, which is the weirdest thing. And then I met a whole lot of other people who longboard through Facebook as well. It started when he asked me about the concept for his longboard back when it was just an idea. He sent his idea to me and the other people that he wanted to be involved and asked us what we thought about it. [Nov. 19, 2009] is actually the one-year anniversary that the concept was born. Then he asked for feedback on his concept. Right after that, he made a prototype and sent each of us one. Now we are all part of this company, and our faces are on their digital advertisements and stuff.

TTN: Give me a fun fact.
KF: My dog Ruby is the company mascot. They call her the Team Dog.

Tell me a funny story from your childhood.
KF: I was such an awkward little kid. The first time I was ever really star-struck was when I went to Disneyland and I saw Cinderella. I was so nervous that I had to ask my brother to go over and grab her autograph for me.

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