Power Exercise

We encourage all students to exercise their political strength by voting today.

It’s been a long two years, and tonight, the wait could be over.

In order to get to the end, you and the rest of America need to vote today.

You’ve registered, and maybe you’ve gotten involved with the campaign of your choice, and that work should pay off when you enter that voting booth.

For those of you who are still undecided, call the local Obama office and the local McCain office and get informed. If you are decided, do not harass or bother voters of a different political affiliation when you go to vote. It is just as much their right as yours to make a personal decision on whom to cast a ballot for.

There is always a push for the youth to get out and vote, and often on Election Day, the expectations for young people aren’t met. Prove people wrong. Make sure they can’t say young people didn’t close the deal.

As cheesy as it sounds, you are the future. This generation is poised to one day make the important decisions and deal with the consequences. Have an active role in how the future is formed. Voting is a great way to get involved.

Get to your polling place early, wait in line for as long as you have to and skip class if you must, but no matter what, do not leave the polling location until you have cast your vote. If you are in line when the polls close, do not leave. Being in line guarantees you time in the polling booth.

Do yourself a favor and look beyond the national elections and take the time to cast your ballot for local and state offices. Local and state political figures have an impact on what happens in Philadelphia and at Temple, and it is important to take the time and vote for them.

Hopefully, you’ve done your research and are well versed on all of the issues important to you. If you need a little last-minute information, reference Elizabeth Hanson and Brian McGovern’s Op-Eds on the candidates on Page 5.

This election season has been a wild ride, and it’ll only get crazier if at some point today you do not go and vote.

This is your legal right, an entitlement past Americans fought and died for.

Get out and vote.

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