Re: Corrigan: Time of the month a time of care

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Dear Editor,

Stand tall.  This article has been misinterpreted by “critics” who have never read Mr. Corrigan’s past articles and probably have not even heard of Temple News.  The ignorance they have shown thinking that an article comparing periods to Pokemon Stadium is serious in nature is just incredible.  College is about experimentation.  Those who have voiced their cynical comments are either jealous of the freedom college brings or angered they do not have the power to publish such a clever piece of work.  They are obviously not aware of Mr. Corrigan’s wittiness and unique style of writing, which should be applauded, not trampled.  He is the voice to men everywhere and I thank you, John, for producing such a truthful column about one of the great wonders of the male world.  I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next semester.

Matthew Doyen
Reading, Pennsylvania


  1. You clearly wouldn’t know a “clever piece of work” if it smacked you in the face. Mr. Corrigan’s “wittiness” and “unique style of writing” should never see the light of day at a newspaper that represents a school that prides itself in being as diverse and inclusive as Temple does. And as for Mr. Corrigan being “the voice of men everywhere,” I humbly request that no one so ill-equipped to be a human being, let alone a “writer” worthy of publishing, be allowed to speak for my entire gender. When men like him open their mouths, they damage the reputation of all of us.

  2. You know what, you’re right, it takes a certain skill to get the attention of the writer of NY Magazine. Congratulation Mr. Corrigan for truly representing the value of Temple University. Shoe the nation how we, Temple University, treat the women population.

  3. Matthew,

    I do not find transphobic, misogynistic and sexist drivel funny. Corrigan does not speak for me and not a majority of men.

  4. See, the problem is that I did go back and read Corrigan’s past articles, and was completely shocked that nobody called this guy out before. If by “wittiness” you mean “misogynistic tendencies” and “unique style of writing” you mean “bad joke = a paragraph” then sure, maybe you’re right. Just because you happen to share Corrigan’s antiquated views on gender roles doesn’t make him “the voice of men everywhere.”

  5. So, he is a hero for expressing himself, but those who oppose him are just trampling on this creative, special little snowflake. No, because he IS in college, he should know better. If he really wants to be a journalist, he shouldn’t be “experimenting” with the same old tired and sexist cliches. Also, I have read his other articles and they are pretty much all filled with sexist and unfunny schlop. He does not represent Temple University.

  6. I thought “one of the great wonders of the male world” was peeing your first and last name in the snow…

  7. It is sad that our institution (which I believe is extremely under-rated as it is) is now known across the internet for this one bigoted, idiotic, and poorly written “news” article is sad. The article should never seen the light of day, and there should have been a public apology from the editors of Temple News and Mr. Corrigan.

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