Re: Temple vs. Penn State Sept. 17

Dear Editor, Temple Students: Thank you for the excitement and passion you displayed at our recent home game versus Penn State. The sea of Cherry and White on the Temple sideline and in the stadium

Dear Editor,

Temple Students: Thank you for the excitement and passion you displayed at our recent home game versus Penn State. The sea of Cherry and White on the Temple sideline and in the stadium as a whole was truly incredible–and it marked the largest student attendance in the history of Temple Football at Lincoln Financial Field. Your enthusiasm at our games truly does give us the best home-field advantage in the Mid- American Conference. I strongly encourage you to attend our first MAC game of the year–this Saturday Oct. 1 at 12 p.m. versus Toledo. We need you in the seats this Saturday. Be loud and proud of your football team–and help us win a MAC Championship this season.  Go Owls!


Bill Bradshaw

Director of Athletics


  1. Wow! I cannot believe that your Athletic Director would PRAISE the student body for their excitement and passion at the Penn State vs. Temple football game! He should have chastised them for their vulgarity and poor sportsmanship. Please read the email below that I sent to the Temple President and Mr. Bradshaw himself. By the way, I have not received a reply from either of them.

    President Hart,

    As a loyal Penn State fan, alumni, and employee I look forward to attending intercollegiate athletic events. Since Temple is so close to Penn State, it provided a great opportunity to attend an away game and visit Philadelphia and friends. My family and I had a great Friday evening “in the city” for dinner.

    Unfortunately, the joy of being in Philadelphia, tailgating with friends and family in anticipation of the football game soon ended Saturday morning in the parking lot. Please let me explain as I speak on behalf of several Penn State fans. I was appalled as several of your Temple students proudly wore t-shirts with “Penn State” logo on the front and “F*CK YOU” on the back of the t-shirt. They paraded through the parking lot in groups taunting the Penn State fans. HOW RUDE and LOW CLASS.

    Our original tickets had us sitting in the top tier of the stadium. We were fortunate that the stadium staff offered us seats in a lower level – unfortunately, it was among Temple students. Once again, RUDE students now shouting the common cheer “F*CK Penn State” “F*CK Penn State.” If not the cheer, the students often gave the middle finger salute to Penn State. The smell of marijuana wafted through the air several times. There were Penn State families near me and my family that had children under the ages of about 10-12 that had to listen to the disgusting, foul language Temple cheer. To top it off, when a Penn State player was injured the students actually cheered!!

    Penn State had a wonderful experience hosting Alabama the week before at Penn State. The compliments were posted all week how well Penn State treated the Alabama fans. It was a great, positive feeling of camaraderie, respect, and sportsmanship. Unfortunately, the total opposite was felt at the Temple vs. Penn State football game. Temple students did NOT display sportsmanship or respect for Penn State, they were rude and crude and degrading to Temple as a University. We deserve an apology.
    Tena Ishler

    Tena Ishler | Program and Logistics Manager | Penn State Executive Programs
    The Pennsylvania State University | Smeal College of Business
    382 Business Building | University Park PA 16802
    Office: 814.865.3436 |Cell: 814.883.0785 |

  2. The Temple student body has a lot to learn what it takes to be a big time football program, after our experience with the lack of class & sportsmenship at the recent Penn State-Temple game. The vulgar t-shirts that were worn by the students sent a very negative image about your school and the Football program. As students you should have a great time, be as loud as you can & support your team. Temple played well and should have won the game but Penn State found a way to pull it out, we were very lucky! This type of fan behavior sends a very negative message to future Temple football recurits and your image around the State. So much for the City of Brotherly love!

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