Re: The Temple News’ coverage of the DREAM Act

Dear Editor, This letter to the editor is very important because it’s time to set the record straight. Everyone at Temple University does not support the DREAM Act, let alone support illegal aliens like the

Dear Editor,

This letter to the editor is very important because it’s time to set the record straight. Everyone at Temple University does not support the DREAM Act, let alone support illegal aliens like the Temple Times and The Temple News would like to assume given the amount of press dedicated to such a divisive issue.

Supporters of the DREAM Act like to say that those eligible for amnesty never committed a crime. The facts are that they are committing a crime by just being here illegally. The United States has immigration laws, and when you are in violation of a Federal statute, you are a criminal, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the issue.

In our current job state with unemployment over nine percent, how can anyone support a policy that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, further straining the job market for current U.S. citizens?

The DREAM Act also has several provisions which will not make citizens very happy.

Illegal aliens will be eligible for in-state tuition. The DREAM Act does not require illegal aliens to finish any type of degree, but to just attend school for a set period of time.

The DREAM Act provides safe harbor for any alien from being deported when they submit their application.

The most frightening part about the DREAM Act is that DREAM Act illegal aliens will, if approved, have the ability to sponsor their parents and other extended family members for visas to enter the United States.

We, as United States citizens, need to stand up for the current laws on the books and demand their enforcement. With our current unemployment numbers, high budget deficit, and the strain on our social programs, it is unthinkable anyone would support giving current illegal aliens amnesty, as the Temple News and Temple Times support.

If we are truly a nation of laws and not men, then we must oppose the DREAM Act and all the provisions therein. This “DREAM” is nothing short of a nightmare.
Erik Jacobs
Temple College Republicans


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  2. Im am totally used to reading comments like this. We need to think carefully, an individual who writes a comment like this would attempt to nullify my statement because its possible to think that you are better than another because of your immigration status in this country. I am an undocumented immigrant in this country and funny enough I consider my self just as American as you, and i think that it is preposterous to talk this way. The point about breaking the law in the country is fundamentally flawed, rules were meant to be broken and a wise man once said if you do not agree with a rule it is your moral duty to fight to get a change (check history). I can think of one law that ALL Americans break! The speed laws… they are there and we disagree with them and we do our own thing none the less. We cannot be so cold-hearted towards others and their desires to be safe and successful. AND dont get me wrong i understand! Shame on people who try to jump the fence because the grass is greener on the other-side and no do things the “right” way. But what about their children? What are they supposed to do when they were raised in this country?? Go home?? Home where? This is home! I didn’t know that if I would have left this country when i turned 18 I wouldn’t have broken the law.. and besides how could I leave my family, my friends, my loved ones, my girlfriend? We need to become humans again, we are not cold machines. This is what made America great, let us not forget how many undocumented immigrants died to protect this country and how many immigrants made amazing businesses in this country and how may of us today even come and have amazing degrees like myself (BS Biology with Developmental Genetics). Put the shoe on the other foot and try to become human again. There are real problems out there and you know what, college educated people should behave better. I only hope i was able to help you see what i mean…

  3. So basically you’re admitting to breaking the law? Any employer that hires you after you graduate will be breaking the law. It is not fair to those who waited in line to get into this country to proper way. How dare your parents smack the legal immigrants in the face by asking for “forgiveness” and “acceptance”. They are the true heroes for being patient and doing things the right way. I have no pity for you.

  4. To Mr. Jacobs and “American”:

    It amazes me that you don’t seem to realize the circular logic of this argument. That ‘illegal aliens’ are bad because they are ‘illegal.’ Like The Doctor pointed out, what about all the other illegal things we do on a daily basis? Some of us might drive illegal speeds, some of us might use illegal drugs, some of us might cross the street at illegal places.

    Furthermore, I think the real issue here, that both of you seem to be completely unaware of, is asking the question WHY are these people considered illegal?

    To “American” specifically: a friend of mine worked with an undocumented worker in a restaurant. He walked across the desert for two days and nearly died in order to get into America. How is that different from waiting in line? I’d say that’s dedication enough to merit citizenship. “The right way” is determined only by a system set up in the past, which may or may not be the most efficient or best way of doing things. This applies to so many situations in life.

    If we are concerned with the lack of jobs, don’t look to the immigrants as causing the problem. First of all, why aren’t these mysterious disappearing jobs that the immigrants “steal” from citizens taken by citizens? What is holding citizens back from doing the jobs that immigrants end up doing? Maybe it’s because our standards are too high for what type of work we’re willing to do. Secondly, the REAL REASON jobs are ‘disappearing’ is because many former “job creators” aren’t at all interested in ‘creating jobs’ in America because they can employ people in other nations for a much lower cost! Our standards ARE too high for many employers, since they have the ability to exploit cheap labor in China especially.

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