ReimagineTU wins 2024 Temple Student Government election

President-elect Ray Epstein and Vice President-elect Kiyah Hamilton received almost 70 percent of the vote.

ReImagineTU, the Temple Student Government campaign lead by Ray Epstein and Kiyah Hamilton, has won the election. | OLIVER ECONOMIDIS / THE TEMPLE NEWS

ReimagineTU was elected as Temple Student Government’s executive branch with almost 70 percent of the vote after two days of voting, TSG announced Friday.

Ray Epstein, a junior English and communication and social influence major, will be student body president with Kiyah Hamilton, a sophomore health professions major, as vice president.

“We’re so grateful for all the support we received from the student body throughout this campaign season,” Epstein wrote in a statement to The Temple News. “We feel empowered by their feedback and ideas, and we are absolutely prepared to hit the ground running this coming academic year.”

OwlsUnited, the only campaign running against ReimagineTU, was composed of junior psychology major Lily Huynh and sophomore finance and legal studies major Sumona Sharma.

“I always knew that Temple would be in good hands no matter what the results were,” Huynh wrote in a statement to The Temple News. “I’m very grateful for my supportive team, friends, and family. I did my best and had fun in the process, so I’m happy for ReimagineTU because we’re all students trying to make the school a better place and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

ReimagineTU’s policies are aimed at improving communication with student organizations and Greek Life, increasing transparency from the school on public safety and financial investment concerns,focusing on equity in Tuttleman Counseling and addressing textbook affordability and bathroom quality. 

Epstein, also influenced by her time as president of Student Activists Against Sexual Assault, wants to provide more educational resources on sexual violence and create preventative measures against sexual assault.

ReimagineTU will be inaugurated on April 29 at 4 p.m.

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