Republican leader talks GOP at teach-in

ALI WATKINS TTN TUCR President Erik Jacobs led a teach-in on the GOP primary race. Jacobs said Mitt Romney’s success thus far would likely earn him the nomination.

TUCR President Erik Jacobs led the latest Dissent in America teach-in.

Politically conscious students were treated to a comprehensive overview of the 2012 GOP nomination race on Friday, Jan. 27, at a weekly Dissent in America teach-in organized by professor Ralph Young, Ph.D.

The teach-in, led by Temple University College Republicans President Erik Jacobs, presented information and sparked political debate and predictions among students.

Jacobs opened the teach-in with a very extensive look in to the major players of the GOP nomination game. Attendees of the teach-in were able to weigh what they believed to be the good and bad sides of the candidates involved.

When it comes to front-runner Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, Jacobs predicted the nomination would have his name on it.

“I don’t know how long [Rick] Santorum or Newt [Gingrich] will stay in the race,” Jacobs said. “I believe it’ll carry on after the Florida [Primary], but I would say all signs point to Romney getting the nomination.”

However, Jacobs was quick to point out that, while still being widely supported by the political right, Romney has been critiqued for ‘flip-flopping’ on his political stances.

“I’ll be frank,” Jacobs said. “I share a lot of these concerns. He’ll say anything to get elected. He says a lot of things, but what does he really mean?

These sentiments were echoed in Jacobs’ opinion of Gingrich.

“There are a lot of issues where Newt has been on both sides. He’s not ‘Minnesota nice,’” Jacobs said, referencing the term used for former candidate Tim Pawlenty’s ‘push-over’ reputation.

After some in-depth looks into the major players in the race, Jacobs devoted time to a candidate who, he said, has gotten shafted by the mainstream media but holds a lot of potential to attract democrats and younger voters.

“A lot of people around my age support Ron Paul’s libertarian approach to the republican party. His foreign policy, opening up and talking to people, opening up trade – he’s got a lot of cross-over and young voter appeal,” Jacobs said.

Although some students in the audience told The Temple News they didn’t identify as republicans, many said it was nice to hear a different point of view.

“It’ll be interesting,” said Jacobs, referring to the presidential election.

Between rising gas prices, the state of the economy, and the threat of another credit downgrade, Jacobs is confident that the GOP can secure a victory.

“In my opinion, any [Republican candidate] would do better than who is in there now,” Jacobs said. “Right now, [TUCR is] being independent, so our members can support whoever they want. Once there’s a nominee, we’re going to do whatever we can to garner support.”

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