Republicans await Cain’s stop on Main Campus

Former presidential candidate chooses Temple for his College Truth Tour.

Nearly nine months after suspending his presidential campaign, pizza king Herman Cain is set to launch a college tour to discuss the country’s economy. Temple’s on his list.

The College Truth Tour will visit 30 college campuses across 14 states and focus on how to fix the economy and keep students from going straight from school to the unemployment line, according to the tour’s website.

Cain will come to Main Campus on Oct. 19 and while specifics of the tour remain sketchy, Temple University College Republicans Vice Chairman Darin Bartholomew said that the visit is likely to be a three part event.

He said that the first two parts would be closed to the public and involve meetings with community and business leaders in the area. The tour would culminate in a public gathering on Main Campus later that night.

While the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO was a Republican presidential candidate, Bartholomew said, Cain’s decision to visit Temple shows the university’s diversity of ideas.

“It’d be really easy for a guy like Herman Cain to say ‘Let’s go to the Ivy League School, [University of Pennsylvania] or let’s go to Villanova, they’re a much more Republican campus,’” Bartholomew, a junior management information systems major, said.  “I think it really says a lot about Temple University and the diversity here and how open we are to different views.”

TUCR didn’t lobby to bring Cain to Main Campus, but Bartholomew said that the group would probably be bringing local Republican candidates to Temple as well as holding events with Temple College Democrats on the importance of voting and to educate voters on the new voter identification law.

“We are going to try to work with the City Commissioner’s Office to try to get both of the commissioners up here to talk about the importance of voting, the new voter laws,” Bartholomew said. “That hasn’t been finalized yet, but we are working together on a number of things.”

President of TCD Dylan Morpurgo said that the two organizations would also be participating in a Dissent in America teach-in on Oct. 27, leading up to Election Day.

Morpurgo, a junior political science major, called the teach-in a “debate without debating.”

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