Respect city policies

A new office near Main Campus will hopefully hold developers and students accountable.

City Council should approve the creation of two Licenses and Inspections districts and offices, one of which would be near Main Campus. This would be an important step toward making sure that developers and property owners near Temple actually adhere to the city’s policies.

This year, The Temple News reported that developers violated the rules in historic districts near Temple and that City Council delayed a resolution to address trash on Cecil B. Moore Avenue. We also reported residents’ concerns about the environmental impact of university construction.

With this new district,  students, residents and developers would be more conscious of the regulations that are put in place to keep people safe and to respect the rights of others they share space with.

Too often, we hear residents complaining about trash and misuse of vacant lots. A new L&I building would be more likely to hear the concerns of residents from the area and make sure the department is responding to them.

“This office would be a way for the City to be more efficient in monitoring development in the Temple University area,” wrote City Council President Darrell Clarke, who also represents most of the area that has seen a development boom around Temple, in a statement.

Karen Guss, the director of communications for L&I, said there “tends to be friction” between students and community residents, and that the new office will help L&I better understand the issues.

Hopefully, with an understanding of these issues, there should come a solution.

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