Rethink consent

We hope our final project sparks conversation, action on the issue of sexual assault on campus.

For our last issue of the academic year, The Temple News’ staff released its annual special project, detailing the experiences of a few survivors when they reported incidents of sexual assault at Temple. This piece is a comprehensive response to Temple’s inclusion as one of 175 universities under investigation for violation of Title IX. The project starts on page A1.

Our editor-in-chief spoke to survivors of sexual violence with diverse experiences and backgrounds, all of whom had varying reactions to Temple’s policies for reporting, supporting survivors and preventing sexual assault. Our staff outlined the system, the “unpaved road,” a survivor can navigate if they’re seeking support or justice.

There seemed to be a consensus, however, about the education surrounding consent on campus. Many of the incidents reported in this project were results of the inability to recognize consent, and when it’s absent.

While this project is a way for students to see what Temple has administratively put in place to support its students and survivors of sexual violence, it’s ultimately a way for more conversation to happen on Main Campus about sexual assault—what it means, what it does and why it happens.

Read the accounts of women who didn’t consent, experiences of rape advocates, administrators in the hospital or in court, police taking down reports, nurses conducting kits and many others with direct experiences with sexual violence in Philadelphia.

If there is a takeaway from the project, it is our hope that the Temple community is better informed on how to approach getting help on campus in the moments after a sexual assault—even if it’s for a friend.

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