Riversharks offer use of stadium for full season

The Phillies have offered the use of fields in FDR Park to baseball and softball.

The Camden Riversharks made a formal commitment on Friday to allow Temple’s baseball team to use the organization’s facilities for the foreseeable future.

While President Theobald cited potential scheduling issues in an email to coaches and the Board of Trustees last week, a letter from Riversharks President and General Manager Adam Lorber said otherwise.

“Cost and scheduling details will need to be worked out at a later time but we are confident that these items will not be an issue,” Lorber said in the letter.

Lorber called the offer to host the team for its entire season a “firm commitment.”

“The Riversharks consider Campbell’s Field a part of the community and are willing to create a shared environment,” Lorber said in the letter. “Our current agreement with Rutgers-Camden enables us to schedule, manage and maintain Campbell’s Field.”

The Philadelphia Phillies have also agreed to help provide facilities for the baseball and softball teams. The Phillies’ MLB Urban Youth Academy fields in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park will be available for the teams to practice and host games, although the specifics of such an arrangement were not disclosed in a press release. In return, the teams would volunteer at the Urban Youth Academy, which is dedicated to teaching baseball to children in the city.

The release states the baseball and softball teams will be “following in the footsteps” of Fred Turoff and the men’s gymnastics team, who host a Sunday clinic for young gymnasts in the area.

There will be a closed-door Board of Trustees meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss the athletic cuts. Theobald is expected to make an updated recommendation on the cuts on Monday as well.

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