Ronald Anderson to step down as dean of Fox School of Business

Temple University will conduct a national search for a new dean.

Ronald Anderson is stepping down as the Dean of Fox School of business. Temple University will conduct their own search for a new dean. | NOEL CHACKO / THE TEMPLE NEWS.

Ronald Anderson will step down as the dean of the Fox School of Business next June, wrote Provost Gregory Mandel in an announcement on Tuesday.  

“The timing is right,” Anderson told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “Fox is past the worst of the rankings issue. I’m pretty good at crisis management. I think it’s time to bring in a fresh voice and at least a partially new vision for the school.”

Fox had been engulfed in a scandal resulting from former dean Moshe Porat’s efforts in leading a scheme to falsify data submissions to U.S. News and World Report between 2014 and 2018. Porat was sentenced to 14 months in prison in May.

Anderson was appointed as dean in 2018 and only planned to serve one term as interim, the Inquirer reported.

The university will conduct a national search for a new dean, wrote Provost Gregory Mandel. 

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