Safety, a special project

A preview of our special project on campus safety, which will appear online and in print on May 5.

In our next issue, our final of the semester, The Temple News will publish an in-depth look inside safety on Main Campus.

It will tell the story of Temple’s situation, one that’s unlike many other college campuses. The university sits inside a community rich with culture, but one that also has an unfortunate crime rate. At the same time, Temple is admitting new students who live on Main Campus for four years, and move as soon as they get their diploma. With that, comes tension.

We’ve talked to residents of the community and students who have been assaulted multiple times. But, we’ve also talked with administrators, school officials and student organizations who make it their mission to remedy the issue without creating a moat between Main Campus borders and the surrounding area.

This is a project we’ve been working on for the duration of a semester, a collaborative effort that involved our entire staff, and will print as an insert in our May 5 issue. The project will also be published online on, which launched last fall, and will feature photos, videos and audio clips.

For the past several years, The Temple News published a special project that looks at a prominent issue on Main Campus. Last year, it was a multimedia project that focused on the elimination of five Division I sports. Two years ago, it was a documentary that looked at the “Temple Made” campaign.

Crime on Main Campus has been an issue that we’ve found expressed through many voices in countless articles. And even in this issue of the paper, we report on two separate assaults that police need the public’s help with.

We hope that our project will bring even greater visibility to an issue that Temple and its surrounding community has seen for years, especially with the growth of off-campus living.

It’s one that deserves as much focus as possible, especially since what we’ve found to be a theme through our reporting – campus safety is a top priority.

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