Salon set to debut on TV

Reality show, episode to feature Mecca Unisex Hair Salon.

Yusef Beatty, 33, works as a stylist at Mecca Unisex Hair Salon. The salon will be the subject of two MTV reality television shows in the coming months. | ABI REIMOLD / TTN
Yusef Beatty, 33, works as a stylist at Mecca Unisex Hair Salon. The salon will be the subject of two MTV reality television shows in the coming months. | ABI REIMOLD / TTN

Mecca Unisex Hair Salon, located in Progress Plaza just south of Main Campus, is preparing to be cast as the subject of a new reality show and will also be featured in an episode of MTV’s “Made.”

The salon, which has been part of the Temple community for more than 15 years, will soon have its very own reality show, produced by ADR Productions.

ADR producer Robin Flak started pre-production interviewing and filming at the salon less than four months ago, but has yet to formulate the premise of the show.

“As of now we don’t have the information of what the story is and an actual formula, but once we find out overall what Mecca is working toward, that will be the formula and every episode will highlight that,” Flak said.

Mecca owner Henry Collins approached Flak about the show and ADR jumped on board because of the potential story line.

“I think a lot of times you have people who watch reality TV to either really want to be like someone or to really not want to be someone,” Flak said. “I think what I really want to do with the show is to show that there still is humanity in these places and that people don’t need to be impressed by drunk drama to have the incentive to watch the show.”

Through pictures kept on his phone, Collins shows off celebrity regulars at Mecca including Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill, Mayor Michael Nutter and NBA coach Avery Johnson, while boasting that the salon has an atmosphere that he is proud of.

“If the TV executives and camera people think it is worth their while to come in here and film, then [evidently] they see something interesting going on,” Collins said. “I feel good about knowing maybe we do have something unique going on here in the shop.”

The salon moved from 15th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue to Progress Plaza on July 1 to acquire more space. The salon has a long connection with Temple — Collins estimates that more than 100 students stop in his shop on a weekly basis.

Flak said he recognizes that Temple can be an advantageous aspect of the show, but did not consider Temple when he chose to film it. However, Flak said, he is reaching out to university students.

“I am trying to get kids who are starting in screenwriting and film involved in this now because I think a lot of times people go through four years of college never doing anything really concrete, but I’m trying to give people an awesome and unique experience,” Flak said.

As of right now, Flak said he and his crew are unsure if ADR will shoot the entire show or sell it to a network. Therefore, Flak said he is uncomfortable predicting an air date.

Mecca will also be featured in MTV’s “Made” series with Derek Frazier, the youngest son of legendary boxer Joe Frazier.

After his father’s death in November 2011, Frazier decided to honor his late father by training and stepping into the boxing ring for the first time. The MTV episode follows Frazier’s journey and is set to air next month.

“They knew I was his barber, so they incorporated us into the show,” Collins said. “We walked him into the ring when he did his first fight.”

Mecca plans to keep its regular business hours while filming the reality show.

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Abi Reimold contributed to this report.

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