Saturday night at the Underground

Critical Condition Band, a go-go band will play a free performance at the Underground on Feb. 4.

William “V.J.” White, a member of the student community service organization Goodfellas, and the organizer of the event, said he hopes this venue will open up the Temple community to go-go music – a style of funk music that originated in the nation’s capital.

Founded by Chuck Brown – a staple in sounds from the ’70s – go-go combines hip-hop beats with conga drum sounds, and is most popular in the Washington, D.C., area. A Washington native, White said he believes this event will lead to possible future go-go performances on campus.

Weekly at the Underground, bands from around campus and the surrounding area perform for a nominal price and on many nights for free. The space was opened to bring students back to campus for their late night entertainment.

“We really want students to have the opportunity to enjoy their experience here,” said Marquerita Calicat, director of Student Activities.

Bands and organizations who wish to use the space will find that the fees are minimal.

“The bands end up paying for the services that Temple offers such as student sound techs and room setup,” Calicat said.

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