Search for Hart’s successor discussed at General Assembly meeting

The Presidential Search Committee and budget worries were topics at today’s TSG meeting.

At today’s Temple Student Government General Assembly meeting, Student Body President Colin Saltry announced that the Presidential Search Committee, the members of which were revealed today, will have its first meeting in two weeks.

“They’re going to be coming to campus and talking to constituent groups,” Saltry said.

Constituent groups include any sectors of the university that work and/or study there, including administrators, student, and faculty. Groups will be asked to give their suggestions as to what the search committee should consider in potential candidates, Saltry said.

The committee hopes to select a replacement for President Ann Weaver Hart by July 1. Hart will officially resign from the position June 30, 2012.

Saltry said he currently does not know where the meetings will be held.

“[The new president] needs to be someone who has a demonstrated commitment to students. It’s striking a balance between being the boardroom warrior and being out in the street,” Saltry said.

Saltry said he plans to share allowed information from the meetings with TSG Vice President of External Affairs Elliot Griffin and Vice President of Services Ugo Obilo, and get their input, due to the officers’ need for routine contact with the university’s president.

“There’s rules of confidentiality,” Saltry said.

Saltry also discussed the TSG officers’ conference with Senior Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs Ken Lawrence on Oct. 26 about plans for a student rally in Harrisburg.

TSG member hope to schedule a rally for state higher education funding during the week of Jan. 23, 2012, before the governor’s budget address.

“Apparently, tax revenues for Pennsylvania aren’t looking good for the first quarter of the fiscal year, so this poses a little bit of a problem for Temple’s funding,” Saltry said.

Temple could face a state appropriations budget rescission.

“The university gets a $140 million…appropriation for the year, but it’s dispersed over twelve periods in twelve weeks of the year. So what’s likely to happen if this continues, is that you would see the rescission take effect probably in April or May…That would post serious challenges for the next fiscal year,” he said.

TSG talked with Lawrence about the Pennsylvania Association of State-related Students’ teleconference last weekend, during which the representatives from Temple, Penn State University, Lincoln University and the University of Pittsburg looked for a date to have the coalition meet in Harrisburg.

Saltry said that TSG hopes to repeat the Cherry and White Day rally it carried out last April, to mark the end of the students’ budget lobbying before the proposal is finalized.

“We’ve got to make sure they give more money to Temple,” Saltry said, pounding his fist on the desk.

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  1. Just To clarify, Temple Received a $139 million (approximately $140 million) appropriation for Fiscal Year 2012 that will be dispersed in 12 installments, not a monthly $140 million appropriation. Though I did, in fact, pound my fist on the desk.

    C. Saltry

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