Somber news closes TSG meeting

The Temple Student Government meeting ended on a somber tone as TSG representative Jesse Breitbart informed the assembly about a student attack earlier this week.The exact facts about the attack are not known, but Breitbart stated that the attack was related to the student’s religion. He also said the student may have permanent physical damage.

“This is an active investigation and we are taking this very seriously,” said Capt. Eileen Bradley of Temple Police.

Breitbart is a member of Temple Students for Israel and is an active voice in the Jewish community at Temple. He passed out a petition calling for students to show their support for standing up against the alleged anti-Semitic attacks.

In lighter news, Temple is having a Shadowing Day on Feb. 28. High school students from Parkway Northwest Peace School will be paired with a college student and shown around campus. The purpose is to show high school students what college is really like. Those interested in volunteering should contact William Morris at

Alex Barnett outlined the goals for the Election Commission which will be rewriting the elections code for TSG. The commission is responsible for designing and running the TSG elections. Barnett stressed the importance of public relations and advertising to build up excitement and notoriety for TSG.

“We have the opportunity to leave a legacy,” Barnett said. “We are rewriting the constitution and the elections code. This is really big.”

Brad Hoffman informed the assembly that TSG is changing their Web site to make it more interactive. They are working with, which will hopefully help with organization and discussion. Some of the perks of include discussion boards, polls, calendars, and updates. Members can also send mass text message announcements.

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