Splash through puddles in style

Ever look out the window at a raging storm, unwilling to ruin an outfit by venturing outside, but knowing that trudging through the pouring rain was inevitable?

Luckily, someone came up with the idea of fashionable rain gear that can be worn with popular trends in less-than-enjoyable weather conditions. The rain boot has been around for years, but has not exactly caught on to the band wagon of must-have accessories – until recently. This year, the rain boot is stepping up to a trendy level with new styles, colors and lengths that can be mixed and matched with your favorite outfits.

Now, when that dreary weather strikes, these cute, rubber lifesavers will rescue you from the horrors of fashion destruction and allow you to jump in the big puddles while still looking hot. A rain boot could never have been a precious commodity without the help of the style gods: celebrities.

According to the popular paparazzi website, www.tmz.com,”Rain boots appear to be the new Uggs, … they are the latest craze among A-listers.”

Celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Courtney Cox and Reese Witherspoon were caught wearing rain boots during nasty weather. If celebs such as these are wearing them, everyone will soon want a pair.

The big questions are where to buy boots in Philadelphia and how to wear them without looking like Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain.”

Target, located at 1 Mifflin St., is amazing, – but it is even better now because it sells more than 10 different styles of rubber rain boots, varying in sizes and colors, all for $20.

A sweater with straight-leg jeans tucked inside your knee-high rain boots is a fashionable, but clean way to walk to class. Target has a wide selection of rain boots, so feel free to mix and matchaccording to what colors you like to wear.

H&M, at 1530 Chestnut St., is a haven for accessories, and although I only found one pair of rain boots, they were distinct from all the rest – they were ankle length.

The ankle rain boot paired with jeans or even dress pants (if you are stuck running to a job interview in the rain) look like regular shoes due to their tiny and short appearance. H&M offers these boots in solid off-white and black polka dots for $24.90.

Although Urban Outfitters, at 1627 Walnut St., tends to be a bit pricey, their rain boots fall below $30. In their dressing room I happened to see a shopper with the red knee-high boots, white cotton capris, and a navy blue sweater with a red leather waist belt – very trendy. Being that it was a rainy day in the city, this woman ran into Urban for rain boots and left with a sexy and dry look for shopping in the rain.

For those with more expensive taste, Coach, at 17th and Walnut Streets, offers the rain boot in their classic monogram in four different colors for $118, and you can pair it with a matching bag.

Although men’s rain boots seem to stick to the traditional snow boot/rugged look, guys need to stay dry as well. JCPenney’s, which is located inside The Gallery at Market East, sells women’s and men’s rain boots in rubber or leather from $30 to $90. Now when rain or snow hits Temple, hopefully you will be able to wake up, strap on your boots and prepare for a great day of dryness and comfort, knowing your style has been perfected with your new rubbery sidekicks.

Giavanna Ippolito can be reached at giavanna.ippolito@temple.edu.

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