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Spring Fling alternative announced

Cherry-On Experience will be held on a Saturday, focus placed on curbing student drinking.

Months after canceling the annual tradition of Spring Fling due to the prevalence of skipped classes and drinking, Student Activities announced Friday that it will host an alternative event on Saturday, April 12.

Cherry-On Experience Day will be held from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the  Geasey Field track and Lot 1. Afterwards, an outdoor movie will be played on the Geasey Field track.

Spring Fling was cancelled last year by President Theobald, who called the event a “a bacchanal, a drinking fest” and said it had lost its roots as a promoter of Main Campus activities to commuter students, instead encouraging students to skip class and attend off-campus parties.

Last years’ event was marred by the death of 19-year-old West Chester University student Ali Fausnaught, who fell off the roof of an off-campus rowhouse where she had been visiting friends.

Administrator’s said last fall when announcing the cancelation of Spring Fling that their decision was not the result of the teenager’s death.

Cherry-On Experience Day will move the traditional spring celebration from Wednesdays to Saturday. Security will be posted at entrances to the event along Broad and 15th streets to make sure students are not bringing in alcohol, or acting in an unsafe manner, Chris Carey, director of student activities said.

“We want this to be program where students can enjoy themselves,” Carey said. “There’s going to be a process where we are making sure students are coming through to Geasey Field and Lot 1, they’re not bringing alcohol in and people are behaving appropriately and enjoying the actual events and not seeing this as a big open party, as was the case a little bit.

The event will feature a food festival run by the Philadelphia Food Trust that will feature food trucks and booths from local restaurants along 15th Street –which will be shut down during the event – and Lot 1, the area between McGonigle and the Pavillion. In addition there will be music. a mural painting, a tough mudder-like event and laser tag.

Veronica Hunter, the associate director of affairs, said Student Activities will review the outcome of the event to determine whether or not they want it to become an annual event.

John Moritz can be reached at or on Twitter at @JCMoritzTU. 


  1. Thank goodness! I was never a fan of how Spring Fling was turning into pure debauchery on campus. Not only that, but it was on weekdays! It was just a mess. Having to fight through sweaty, drunken crowds of people on my way to class or the library these past three years was a nightmare. It began with very great intentions, but of course, it blew up into something almost perverse. I’m glad this alternative has moved away from Liacouras Walk to the western side of campus so people who want to participate can have it without disturbing those in the library who don’t.

    • You’re exaggerating. And even if your’re actually trying to get into the library that day, I’m sure you will be able to appreciate the peace and quiet of a much emptier library because the students who want the full college experience celebrate spring fling, which really doesn’t mean skipping class to drink off campus-if that were the case you wouldn’t be fighting through crowds because they’d all be off campus. Grow up you fun sucker.

  2. Temple clearly doesn’t want us to have any fun — ever in life. EVER! IN ACTUAL LIFE

  3. the fact that this is on a saturday isnt fair to commuters! Just because we commute we want to get involved too! I went to spring fling, didnt have a drop of alcohol and went to all my classes, its not fair for us that we can’t get involved! Temple has huge commuter populations and they constantly seem to leave us in the dark!

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