Spring Steps

TTN provides tidbits on how to finish the final weeks of the spring semester.

March really did roll out like a lamb.

It’s perhaps redundant to say that cliché is overused, but the month of March seemed to seamlessly fade into April. And with that, we enter the final month of the academic year.

It’s the time of year where the trees begin to bud and Mr. Softee sits by the Bell Tower. Spring Fling is around the corner, and classes end May 4. Everything is coming to an end.

This, however, is no excuse to get caught up in the contagious springtime environment.

With all of this said, The Temple News would like to encourage students to take advantage of the final month of the spring semester rather than become absorbed in the excitement.

First, vote for Temple Student Government. Elections for next year’s administration are being held today and tomorrow. While their platforms may be similar and students’ expectations low, TSG is a committed organization that does care about all students. They just need to find a better way of expressing it, so give them a chance.

Lounge on Beury Beach, but don’t skip out on classes. Think of it this way – every class you skip costs $31 (or $57 for out-of-state students). Remember that you’re at Temple to receive an education, not to get a suntan on a faux beach.

Eat at the Johnson & Hardwick cafeteria at least once a week. It seems that a renovated eatery has improved the moods of the workers, many of whom are now delightful and accommodating. And, compared to most school cafeterias, the food is pretty good.

Keep picking up The Temple News. It’s a pretty good paper.

Don’t let Temple shelter you. Get to know and explore the community. Talk to neighbors and locals. Learn about them and their lives, and share something about yours.

And for the seniors – hope that Bill Cosby will return to speak at graduation in exactly a month and a week. We were pleased to see him reappear last year – sources say he showed because of a column in The Temple News – and we can only hope he’ll make another cameo at this year’s ceremony.

We’ve reached a strange period of the year, where the beautiful weather energizes all while senioritis spreads to underclassmen. Prove to yourself that you can find that perfect balance between academics and entertainment.

And one more bit of caution – with a forecasted high of 48 degrees tomorrow, don’t put away those winter clothes just yet.

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