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Students can start looking forward to the end of the major construction overhaul

As we experience construction on Main Campus for the next few years, at least we now know what we have to look forward to.

Seven students led by Baldev Lamba, chair of the university’s landscape architecture and horticulture programs, unveiled their ideas for a central quad last month. The proposed space will be near the Bell Tower and encompass Beury Beach—one of the only current green spaces on Main Campus.

One of the current issues with the separation of Main Campus, Lamba told The Temple News, was that it currently lacks a space for people to gather for events or for a feeling of community, something he said he noticed on a field visit during Parent’s and Family Weekend this past October.

Lamba compared the proposed space to public parks throughout the city like Rittenhouse and Washington Squares.

The Visualize Temple Plan, which was finalized in October 2014, calls the proposed library and adjacent quad “the Academic heart” of the university. This idea, the plan explains, was requested in the initial phases of Visualize Temple where administrators asked students to vote and comment on what they want for their university.

While the completion of the quad and much else about the Visualize Temple landscape won’t come to fruition for a few years, it’s exciting to have a place for students, faculty and alumni to gather and to be able to see some finalized plans for the future of the university.

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