Stay strong, Burleigh family

The Editorial Board is sorry that Jenna Burleigh’s family may have to endure more court proceedings regarding the death of Burleigh, a junior film and media arts major.

The friends and family of Jenna Burleigh have already endured the harrowing two-week long trial of Joshua Hupperterz. At the end of the grueling trial, Hupperterz was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison last month. 

Now, Hupperterz is challenging his conviction, his attorney David Nenner said. Nenner filed a post-sentence motion last month, which is the first step toward an appeal. 

The Editorial Board commends the Burleigh family for showing great strength during Hupperterz’s trial last month, and we’re sad to see they may have to sit through more court proceedings again.

Hupperterz has a right to challenge his conviction, and we respect that. But we also want the Temple community to remember the Burleigh family, whose fight for justice for their daughter may not be finished.

For people who want to show their respect for Burleigh, we encourage them to donate to Jenna’s Blessings Bags Foundation, a nonprofit started by Burleigh’s parents that provides people experiencing homelessness with personal care items. 

Editor’s Note: Greta Anderson, who reported on the Hupperterz appeal for this issue, did not contribute to the writing or editing of this editorial.

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